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What Is Backpage Classified Websites? Why It Seized?



what is backpage

Backpage was one of the most popular classified websites, and it was the no: 1 classified website in the united states. Here you can easily sell or buy any local service or products in easy steps.

Backpage was founded by the Atlantische Bedrijven CV in 2004 as an online web portal where anyone can post your need or service for free.

But the site was seized permanently by the US Authorities in 2018 for promoting and encouraging the adult service’s advertisement on their site.

Backpage let you post classified in mostly all of the categories like automobiles, job listing, real state, educational and a lot more else.

The site also offers one more category section which promotes adult services and products like prostitution, paid sex, and other related services. Due to offering these services, Backpage was part of the controversy for a long time.

2018 was not the first time when US authorities were talking to shut down the Backpage adults services.

Also, a few years back company CEO and many officials were arrested due to this allegation and after many court’s cases, Backpage had to remove the adult section from their site.

But Why Backpage Seized if they removed the adult section?

On the court’s command company removed the adult section but in reality, they just shifted their adult section to the other category.

Means they still promote adult services but with some tricky words like,

  • Looking for any girl to date
  • Looking for a guy for dinner

But finally in 2018 US legal authorities seized the Backpage.

Not Just Backpage Same Also Happened With The Craiglist

Craigslist is much more popular than the Backpage in the United States and they have also the Adult section on their site.

But by luck, Craiglist survived and removed the adult section from their site completely.

If you are looking for the any Backpage alternatives site then you can use craigslist as an alternative to Bckpage where you can post your local classified need or find your need.

But if you are looking for any Backpage adult substitutes then craigslist will not be the option because now they removed the adult section from their site.

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