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Sold in America: The Hidden Life Of Workers



The prostitution business worldwide is considered to be a dirty exploitive disease ridden business. But when it is legalized, the whole game changes. Nevada, the only place in US where sex for money is legal, shelters over 21 legal brothels. Out there, in order to be recruited one even has to avail for a license from the local sheriff and pass a thorough background check. Dennis Hof,a brothel owner and an advocate for legalization for prostitution says, ‘We’re all a close knit; a little community here that supports each other. The difference is, we can have sexual interaction too.’ Much like other businesses there are safety regulations also, where these working women receive background checks and weekly STD tests.

Contrary to legalization, other legal models for approaching the sex industry involve criminalization where every bit of the sex trade is illegal.

A study showed that indulging in such a trade is like walking on thin ice. Nearly 80% of the sex workers experienced violence while working in NY, while many even died.

WHO and Amnesty International support the idea of removing criminal penalties for prostitution and decriminalizing commercial sex-work can greatly improve the working environment of these women where they can take legal actions against potentially dangerous underground businesses or clients than refraining from doing so, just because the trade is illegal.

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