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Shutdown Dircetly Affected The Life Of Sex Workers



As we all know that Backpage is shut down by the US officials last year in 2018 for being involved in prostitution and child trafficking. But there is always a good impact and a bad impact of every decision.

Good impact of shutting down the Backpage

  • It will decrease the child trafficking
  • It will control the prostitution in united states

Bad impact

The closing of directly affected the life of sex workers, now there life comes under the question that how will they all survive? How will they feed their children and themselves?

In an article explain about the lady named “Grace” single mother raising a child and her child had some kind of illness. So she becomes a sex worker and finds here she gets more respect with good money in comparison to the other jobs. And she was doing this work for 12 years.

Grace is not the only lady, there are thousands like her whose life depended on sex work but after shutting down of Backpage they are tensed about their life. For the sex workers, Backpage was a very useful site from where they can easily find a customer at a good rate. They did not have any need to go to the street or make any kind of effort for finding the customer.

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