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Inside America’s Secret Neighborhood Brothels | Inside Backpage



In today’s world, prostitution is equivalent to modern day slavery. 

A recent major FBI sting operation was able to rescue 168 children from the trade of sex slavery arresting nearly 300 alleged pimps across the country. The investigation issued that sex slaves were quartered in basements that were converted into brothels in Queens, New York. Also involving in prostitution lead Backpage to its end.

Girls as young as 12, emerging from Latin America, are also introduced to this well-operating industry in Los Angeles. These brothels would usually be composed of makeshift type of beds with limited privacy. The utmost privacy one could get is restricted to a tiny room with a small bed and a mattress. The involved women are compelled to have sex with dozens of customers who would stop by these brothels in a day, approximating her to indulge in the business for 15 mins and then moving on to the next customer. It is believed that many of these women might be sex slaves brought to the US against their will.

This global business is a fast growing enterprise in US, dominated by pimps from Tlaxcala as it is easier to sell women from time to time as compared to other illegal businesses. These family-led organizations date back to Mexico, Tenacingo that has spread its market all the way to NY. Curona,Queens the trafficking hub is the final destination for most of these women, of whom many end held captive. In an interview with one of these many unfortunate women who was detained for years, stated that she was made to work almost 24 hours having to attend to around 60 men per day.

To end this modern day slavery it requires a lot of effort and awareness as being able to terminate such a problem would undertake many solutions

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