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Best Backpage Adult Alternatives 2019 After Backpage Shut Down



Well there was once a time when we all loved Backpage and just could not think of a more better platform for posting out ads and that too for free. However, due to some very controversial allegations against the ‘adult’ section offered by Backpage, the website had to see a somewhat dreadful end. As a result of which many users lost their way of earning as well as many others got ripped of the cool services offered there. Anyways, coming back to the main topic at hand. Although, losing Backpage was somewhat a dark phase for many. Still, I would say it is not always going to be dark. Since, today I bring to you some of the top 10 Backpage alternatives out there over the Internet where you will find the same services as in Backpage or even better.

So, without any further delay let us have a look at the “Top Best 11 Backpage Adult alternative” list.

Backpage Adult Alternatives Sites

Dating Advice

Just as the name itself suggest, this is one website where you can hope to find answers to all queries related to dating, relationships and much more. The website has more that 250 dating and relationship experts who are ready to help you with all your dating and personal problems. The website boasts of having over 2 million users every month which if you ask me is a lot for a website as such.

The website overall is pretty clean and won’t take much time for anyone to figure out what is where. The website is mainly divided into 5 categories: Advice, Studies, Experts, Forums and Reviews. So, what ever type of queries you may have, you can very easily find them by going accordingly to any one of the categories.


Adult Friend Finder

If you are an adult and looking for a friend or someone who can prove to be more than a friend, then this website can just help you out there. Although, the website started off pretty much as a place to search for new friends. In the later stages however there came the part where ‘Adult’ got introduced and this is exactly where everything gets all heated. And to be completely honest this is just the site where you can expect to hooked up and score yourself a quick pleasant time with someone else who has the same intention.

Now coming back to the website, it is quite sleek, clean and user friendly. It is divided into categories like, Hookup, Dating Forums and Live chat which should certainly keep you pretty much occupied if you ask me.

backpage escort alternative

Friend Finder-X

The first thing which should give you a pretty good idea about the Website is the ‘X’ term at the end of ‘Friend Finder’. Well I should say that whatever you are guessing is absolutely correct. With the help of this site you can find and get hooked up with any random stranger near you. And when I say ‘hooked up’, I literally mean hooked up with discretion. Casual encounters, affairs, Live chat, you will just about find everything here which will surely give you some hot time. The website is pretty basic although, in order to use the service, you will need to fill up some information and register yourself as a member. So, if you don’t have any problem in filling up a little form and getting registered, then you have yourself a place to find some fun.

replacement for backpage escorts


The name itself explains pretty much in terms of what the site might have to offer. Similar to how the previous website, Friend Finder-X lets you find and have a fun time with people from the opposite sex. Mennation on the other hand is all about men and fun within men. Thus, the term ‘Men-Nation’, where all men love all men.



I guess there is no need for a detailed explanation on the following website. The name says it all. Pretty much like our previous website where its all men for men, the Lesbianpersonals is all women for women. If you are women and looking for some fun time with women, then I will say there is no other better place than Lesbianpersonals. From free cam chats to getting hooked up to having a somewhat casual relationship, you will pretty much find it all here.


This is a pretty decent website which is all about online dating, relationships and marriages. And very truly these three words are enough to define the whole website. Just soon as you feed in your requirements and where you expect to find that person of interest, be it in your own city or some place else, you will straight away be bombarded with all options which might go with your taste and preference. You can chat with the person you are interested, set up a date and much more. All with the help of the Match site.

backpage replacement


Developed and launched on the year 2009 by Leif K-Brooks the Omegle website has come a long way since then. The website lets you have free online chat in the form od text and video with complete random strangers and let you socialize with people without having to do any kind of registration. How the website works is that it randomly pairs users with each other in a one to one  chat setting where they can all chat with each other without having the need to share each other’s identity.

The website overall is pretty clean and tidy with a white interface to work upon. Moreover, since there is no need for any kind of registration, to get started, all you need to do is fill in what you want to talk about and start texting or video chatting with any random person who is randomly chosen for you.

sites like eros


With Shagle let me get straight to the point. This one is basically an adult site where you can chat with people and get in touch with similar like-minded people from all around the world. The way you communicate with people is mainly via webcam which lets users have an enjoyable chatting feel.

Backpage Adult Alternatives


This is one free random video chatting website where you can chat and connect to complete random strangers from all across the world. Here you get to make and meet new friends and chat with them over a webcam. Moreover, on Chatville you can at once go on chatting with up-to 4 users at the same time and also have private cam2cam video chat making the experience even better. Also, you can rate other users making it even more fun.

Adult Backpage Alternatives


Developed by Andrey Ternovskiy, the website mains purpose was to give users a more clean and genuine experience. Something which you don’t find in most of the sites that offer such services. Now, coming to the roulette part, what makes it ‘roulette’ is that the website is designed in such a way that based on your conversations and likings, it pairs you with some other user who may have similar likings and preference. Thus, making everything fall in place on its own. If you know what I mean. All you need to do is fill in your requirements and shoot off a chat session in either text, audio or video format with any other paired visitor. And then you always have the option of leaving a current chat and start off some new chat session with some random person once again.

Alternatives to backpage for Adult


This website is pretty random just like the name itself. This ‘video chat’ network helps users connect at an instant with stranger all over the world. The website is pretty much basic and white although gives you as much the features and advantage you might find in any other website as such. And here, I will just let you decide on this website on your own.

Backpage Replacement For Adult Section

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