Force Field Project Video from raul romero on Vimeo.

Submission information

We are interested in large-scale installation, film, audio/video, and performance work. The work should be experimental, engage the public and no more than 5 years old. We accept and encourage proposals for new, site-specific work. They should be presented in a way that best represents it. Drawings and audio/video can be used to present the new work. We welcome collaborative projects.

If accepted we will provide 3D models and floor plans of the space and meet with you to discuss possibilities for your work.

We cannot guarantee the availability of lighting, audio/video equipment.

Download the Request for Proposals

Download the floor plans. Please note these are for reference only.


Full-color printed catalog
Website Inclusion: images and short video documentary of your work
Funding for your project. To be discussed upon acceptance and based on your budget.


Applicants must be 21 years of age or older, and reside within 350 miles of Philadelphia, PA.


Calendar (tentative)

January 15, 2014 (midnight): Early bird submission. Fee is $25
January 31, 2014 (midnight): Regular submission. Fee is $35
March 1, 2014: Artist notifications

April 2014: Crowdfunding on Indiegogo
June 14-20, 2014: Installation
June 21-22, 2014: Event weekend
June 22-25, 2014: De-installation

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The applications are submitted to the curatorial team who will analyze the quality and the compatibility of work with the artistic vision of ForceField.

Proposals will be evaluated on a competitive basis using the following criteria:

Applicant Criteria

Strength of portfolio. We want to see evidence of accomplished projects that maintain a high level of aesthetic quality and artistic integrity.

Qualifications (CV). We want to see exhibition history, publications, biographical information, and any art related experience.

Quality of proposal. Clearly written proposal that complements, challenges or expands relevant studies in the field and what makes this project innovatively distinct. It is necessary to have a thoughtful and concise timeline to complete research and project.

Event Criteria

1. Does the work identify with social or cultural issues evident in the contemporary experience?

2. Does the work access a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds and educational experiences?

Event Funding

Funding for the project will happen in the following ways:
Crowdfunding. We will be raising funds for the event using Indiegogo. We encourage your to help promote the Indiegogo project.

Private Donations.

Corporate Sponsorships.

Submission Criteria

Proposal. Project description and explanation of visual and conceptual experience. (750 words max)

Website, links. Anything to help present your work.

Curriculum Vitae. No more than 3 pages.

Bios. Biographies of all the major players on your team or collaboration.

Artist Statement. Keep it simple and concise. Make sure someone would want to read this.

Budget/Timeline. Include a simple budget for necessary supplies. We will not pay for transportation or room/board. Outline a simple time line of how the funds will be used and when you need them.

Portfolio images/video/audio. Your submitted portfolio should be relevant to what your proposed idea is. Drawings and audio/video can be used to present the work. (12 maximum, 1024 pixels max. dimension, jpg)