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Best apps to hack any android game

How to Hack In-app Purchases for Free on any Android

Are you an Android gamer? Games on Android nowadays are nothing less than the gameplay on PC and there are millions of players online who play the games seriously and aim to score the highest points. The App we are about to list here today helps us in cheating the Google in-app purchases and get premium features for free in any game or app which can, in turn, help you in getting a better score.

Best apps to hack any android game

Apps to Edit Score of Any Android Game

Android games are just the compilation of different codes and manipulation of the right codes can get you advantages that might help you in scoring better. Below are some of the apps using which you can manipulate any in-app purchases and edit your high scores.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a very famous application that lets you edit the scores and features of any application or game for free, and all it need is root access on your phone. If your phone is rooted, you can just download the lucky patcher apk and install it on your phone. Read the features of Lucky patcher below to understand the functions better.

Lucky Patcher Features

  • You can remove ads from any Android application or game.
  • You can edit the high score of any game and add any number you wish and prank your friends.
  • You can make any in-app purchase in games and apps for free.
  • backup the games and apps settings so it can never be lost.


Freedom is a specialized app to fake the in-app purchases of any offline app and games Like you can buy coins in games for free. Freedom uses fake credit card details to mock the purchase and get you the feature for free. And you don’t need to worry about any legal issues, as freedom doesn’t do anything with the games and apps that are connected online, and in the offline games editing the code is allowed. And just like lucky patcher, you need to have a rooted android phone to run Freedom.

Sb Game Hacker

Sb game hacker is another interesting app that gives you multiple features of manipulating other android apps and games. Sb game hacker has been in the market for a long time and they keep innovating their app by adding new features. Read the features below to understand SB game hacker better.

Sb Game Hacker features

  • Sb Game hacker lets you add new features to the games you play.
  • You can edit the high scores in any android game.
  • You can edit the CPU allocated to each game, if you want to boost any game and give more of the resources to a particular game/app, you can do it with sb game hacker.


Hope you learnt about the new apps to hack the scores of your favorite game and prank your friends easily. Different apps listed here serve a different purpose, decide which one you want to use on your phone. Don’t forget to share our website with your friends and let them know the real hacks.

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